KARES is the place where the urban person, in pursuit of sophisticated aesthetics and functionality, will find everything about their home. Our aim is to satisfy completely the needs of a home, starting with interior design, complete offer of Italian furniture, and all the way to the details which we call “homeware art”.
We keep the pace with the global trends and in Kares you will always find products of several renowned Italian furniture brands. We are particularly striving to offer quality products that last: certified Italian kitchens and internal doors, furniture for living rooms and bedrooms, dining rooms, even the details that make a home warm, such as designed carpets and lighting. Our kind team will help you select the real solution for every challenge, everything related to the aesthetics and functionality of the urban home.
With regards to home accessories – we are trying to make available to the Macedonian customers designed and functional kitchen tools by several leading European brands. Whether you buy them as a gift or for yourself, the product design will leave you speechless, and their functionality will save you a lot of time.
One of the things this company cares about is ensuring availability of products made with special care about their environmental characteristic. Our attention is focused on furniture made of eco-friendly class of wood, of Е0 and Е1 standards, using only water-based dye and recyclable materials, and following the tendency to replace the old light-bulbs with LED-lights. And when it comes to kitchen tools, we wish to provide a spectrum of products for everyone who cares about healthy cooking. All materials are eco-certified by the producer, starting with no-stick ceramic coating, best quality polymers, and all the way to silicone that has great performances that make him a material of choice for utensils for healthy cooking .