Lotus Lounge Chair


Young People Furniture

Lotus Generation is a unique well-known brand by the Macedonian designer Anita Gaj that exists already 5 years on the Macedonian furniture market. It is dedicated to the young, modern and design-aware person, who aspires for practical and functional, as well as contemporary and chic furniture. Lotus Lounge Chair is a flexible and multifunctional chair whose 6 various models will meet everyone’s preferences and bring joy to each generation. It introduces illustration as an additional decorative element that will change your living space into a modern, colorful and dynamic ambience. This season Lotus is presenting а few originally illustrated designs in limited editions. The designs were made in collaboration with designers and illustrators which are the winners of the birthday competition for new skin for Lotus. The products might also become a part of the original Lotus collection.
With this collaboration Lotus is just developing and strengthening the collaboration with other designers up to the level of complete products that can be also found on Lotus’s selling spot in Skopje City Mall.