MONOZERO is an love affair between our appreciation for art and design and our love for wood. Behind monozero there is no corporation, but a small dedicated team of artisans that enjoy uniting the natural, sometimes wild character of wood with a modern yet timeless shape thus promoting natural lifestyle without being anachronous but respecting the advanced technological state of the society we live in. Our products are handcrafted entirely from precious solid wood that comes from responsibly harvested forests.The wood is glued formaldehyde – free and finished with vegetable oils and natural waxes that preserve its natural characteristics and give it a refined satin glow.
That is the best way to ensure a pleasant and healthy indoor climate and protect the environment. Standing next to a monozero table you somehow feel the effort, dedication and love that has gone into its creation and you are completely drawn into its beauty and cannot resist but touch it. And then you feel that the timber still has the life of the tree in it, preserved for many generations to come.