NETOPIA is a professional printing house using the latest printing equipment with nanotechnology inks from the Russian science institutes, and currently the only one on the Balkans that use this technology with full color gamut colors, including WHITE and Clear VARNISH. With this technology we can print on ANY type of surface, including Glass, Wood, Plastics, Metals, Ceramic tiles, Marble, Granit, Leather, Silk, Mirrors, Canvas, Wallpaper, etc. We can also print on water!
All printing can be done using 2 methods, FLAT printing OR printing with 3D RELIEF, and we can print on large surfaces.
Our services are used mostly for interior and exterior design, and promotional products.
We are using Certified Green (Ecological) ink - safest solution for printed items used in working and living environment, children toys, no harmless fumes during fire, No cancerogenic vapors, etc.