Seavus education and development centre (SEDC) is a leading education and training center in Macedonia and the region, specialized for trainings in the field of business management and information technology. It is a holder of international licenses and certifications from world famous brands with which collaborates in realization of its extensive portfolio.

The mission of SEDC is continuous education and training of key personnel in companies from Macedonia and the region to successfully cope with the challenges of the regional and global markets, and to young professionals who are in the final year in the formal education to give quality base and specific knowledge to compete in the labor market.


Seavus education and development centre successfully operates tree academies:

1. DESIGN ACADEMY, with 3 programs of study:
- Graphic design
- Web design
- 3D modeling, animation and postproduction

2. CODE CADEMY, with 2 programs of study:
- Web and Cloud Computing Engineer
- Mobile Applications Development and Design Engineer

3. COMPUTER NETWORKING ACADEMY, with 2 programs of study:
- Network engineer
- Network technician

Business courses and Seavus School of Business

The portfolio of business courses of SEDC as well as of the Seavus School of Business are covering a wide range of skills and knowledge on which depends the success of any company that is committed to its own development and tends towards the top of its class.
Organized as basic, advanced and master modules, they are suitable either for beginners, as well as for middle management and top management.
MODULES: Leadership and Strategic Management, Career planning and personal development, Organizational culture and Human resources, Integrated marketing communication, Management of sales and Customers relations, Development and launch of new products and services, Business administration and Management of logistics, Management of information systems, Launching and management of Star-up companies, Project Management Fundamentals (PMP) according to PMI standards.