Faculty of Art and Design


The Faculty of Art and Design at the European University – R. of Macedonia was established in 2006 as a first private institution of its kind in the country, aiming at producing undergraduates and graduates of design. This is a result of the need for highly educated designers, professionals who are skilled to respond to the challenges of our modern living, with design as integral part of all areas of human activities. The mission of the Faculty of Art and Design is to train specialized personnel of designers which will implement their knowledge as a creative expression in three major art departments: Graphic, Fashion and Interior design.

Our future graduates, educated in accordance with the European and World-class standards, will be qualified to successfully apply their acquired knowledge in the field of economy where the quality of the products will be improved as well as insuring them a better competitiveness on the West-European markets.

Their future engagement in the economy will also contribute to the stimulation of the production via the product designing which includes recognizable elements of the Macedonian culture and tradition, as well as favorable conditions for setting up small design studios as a significant element which will help stimulate individual initiative and develop small businesses.


With their educational preparation and creative way of expression the future graduate designers will contribute in improving the conditions for establishing recognizable “brands” of Macedonian products, at times when such creative identity is very much in need.  

This exhibition is consisted of selected design works by the students of all three departments at the Faculty of Art and design, created during the regular curricular activities of their studies.