I am married to costumes.
I have an affair with fashion.

Ivana Knez, born in Skopje 1985, is a graduated costume designer on the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, 2007. The acting classes she took with the professor and actor DimceMeshkovski, were the defining moment of her profession, giving her the opportunity to meld in two of her great passions – fashion and theater.
The end of 2009 starts with a fashion conceptual project, where she will try to merge in the magic of the theater boards in to the fashion scene. Creating unique pieces, each one with a specific story, she has a new goal, keeping the spirit of the elegant dramatic woman modified in today’s stylishly defined trends.
The Woman is the cause, The Glamour is the consequence.
The beginning of 2012 has made her the owner of the first official Macedonian fashion accessories brand. At this point she is working on her haute collections and theater plays.


I love you
For what I am, I love you
For everything you gave and took, I love you
For what you made me
For all mothers
For my mother.

DilberStana is a multimedia project joining together a short video, fashion editorial, fashion performance, and a fixed exhibition during Skopje Design Week 2013. Macedonian culture and tradition redesigned in a form of love between same and different ethnical diversity, with an accent on maternity. The burden of a history and a woman in the past, told today, seen today, felt in a future.