Matija Čop is a first-year MA of Fashion Design at the Faculty of Textile Design of the University in Zagreb (finished BA of Textile and Fashion Design). In his work he speaks the language of fashion with a strong conceptual and multidisciplinary background.
The main theme of his work, which he deals with in various ways, is the question of identity. In the City Lace collection, he deals with the identity of the city as a unique code by which cities differ completely. The collection Object 12-1 applies authentic architectural techniques of montage which he then introduces into fashion language. The last collection, in which the fashion object is slowly transformed into a fashion garment, Homeless in Heaven, strongly questions clothing as the single property of a homeless person, and in doing so, attaches importance to the garment and questions the very identity of it. A collection trilogy of sorts with its intro collections ATW.MO6 and the interpolated study of the Stratum collection were winners of many commendations: first place at the Young/Creative/Chevrolet competition, a CDS (Croatian Designers Society) award in the student category for best work in the last two years, first place at the international competition Habitus Baltija in Riga, Latvia and output award in Amsterdam.
City Lace and Object 12-1 works have been exhibited at the Museum of Arts and Crafts and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.