Vlado Kostov Vace (1967) graduated from the Applied Arts School “Lazar Licenoski” in Skopje and has shaped his artistic outlook under the influence of the renowned painter DimitarManev. After graduation, in 1987, he went to London, to the Hollywood Road Film Production animations and cartoons studio, working as drawing artist, collaborating with Darko Markovic.
In 2005 Kostov discovered his authentic expression, embodied into a subtle construction of scrap materials, expressing the sensibility of the great saxophone player Parker. With this sculpture, he participatedin the multimedia project Homage to Charlie Parker, together with AljosaSimjanovski on piano and the Balkan saxophone player Goce Micanov.
In his works he metamorphs the ugly and the useless into an aesthetic form, and therefore the critics consider him among the artists of paradoxical invention.

- Where everyone removes their gaze from the ugly, the useless, the chaotic, the artist sees rebirth of life in an unusual, harmonious merger of metal junk and reanimates the discarded metal objects that have been in use a long time ago.
VladoKostov is an author of several solo exhibitions and has also participated in group exhibitions.