Woodstock is a collective of young designers, creating and expressing views within a common design aesthetic. The axiom ‘Minimal is Maximal’ is an inspirational ideology that arms the basis of this modern style of expression. The collective comprises two talents at the moment (Nemanja Trajkovic and Nerses Malakjan), with the potential of further growth.
Defiant of the conventional habit of over-explanation in design, the Woodstock Way sets a fundamentalist approach to the construct of communication, perceiving it as a primal system, inherent to any one individual. This creates an idea of a global archetypical symbolism, which can only be omnipresent if it is absolutely fundamental. The ‘Ockham’s Razor’ principle of philosophy is an excellent formula, defining the Woodstock style in its construction approach - To strip away the flesh of every detail non-crucial to the message, leaving only the skeleton to define the final verse.
Deriving its name satirically from one of the most wide-spread archetypes of the modern age, representing human liberty, open-mindedness and equality, Woodstock believes in the transcendental message of symbolism as a common human truth.