Some say, it is the Macedonian sun that makes the wine special. For over 125 years, in the heart of the Tikves vineyards, the “Tikves” winery, in the best possible way, has been blending all the southern light and warmth into a single glass of „Macedonia’s Finest“. Each year more and more wine admirers from all over the world are getting the chance to taste that excellence.

The wine is more than just a product. It is a culture and style of living. This is clearly enshrined in the philosophy of “Tikves” which produces more than just wine, “Тikves” also produces culture of living, a ritual which everyone, if wishing so, could afford at any place. Our company is the leading winery in the Balkans with an ambition which is coming to life – to become a significant promoter of wine experience all over the world.

In the spirit of desire for enjoyment, this year “Tikves” will offer Skopje Design Week the taste of the best from the south.

Cheers with “Tikves”.