Uniga Engineering is a company specializing in engineering, manufacturing, services and trade of wrought iron designed product. The company was established in 1999. The main production line in Uniga Engineering are different types of metal structures, different wrought-iron eaves, balconies, interior and exterior stairs, doors, railings, decorative and unique interior design of wrought iron and stainless steel, chairs, beds, mirrors, lamps, chandeliers, candelabras, shelves, hangers and many other products to order, sculptures, massive decorative products etc.
Apart from ongoing activities Uniga Engineering supports young artist and designer in Macedonia. In 2011 Uniga Engineering is sponsoring the exhibition of artist Nina Nineska and from 2013 they start the cooperation in designing and production of Contemporary light design.

Nina Nineska graduate at Faculty of fine arts in Skopje Mk 2005.
After many years of working in Mobimak and T-Mobile Macedonia as graphic designer, image coordinator, brand and marketing communication specialist, from 2010 she strat with her art project of geometry, number, light, color, sound and the man with their relationship. In 2013 start with designing of contemporary lights.

2012- "Tree of Life" Installation of geometry, light, sound and man. Square "Macedonia" Skopje, Macedonia 2011 - “I love you” - sculptures, installation and digital prints, Macedonian National Gallery, Mala Stanica Multmedia Centre, Skopje 2010 – “Moon rays” – sculpture photography’s: “Object 2“ international exhibition “5th Blue Sky Project“ at the Imai Museum, Mitsuke City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Awards 2008 – Award from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia for “Sunrise” - proposal for monumental sculpture for the City of Skopje.

Contemporary light design is part of Nina's art concept inspired from geometry, number, light, color, sound and their relationship, produced with cooperation of Uniga Engineering company.
"Flakelight" is trademark of lamps with 3d puzzle assembly line of one or two-designed geometrical shape from pentagon and hexagon made from fine plastic in several colors. This product has several type of design line: Flakelight Spin and Flakelight Radian that symbolize the motion in the universe; "Geometry" colored metal lamps created of 3 basic geometrical metal plates, symbol of Trinity; "Universe" colored metal lamp, constructed from twelve flowers connected in one sphere of dodecahedron symbolize the Universe and "UniLight" colored metal totem lamps symbolize the male and female entity.