LIFE Lines - DROP collection


Drop collection is the latest of the Life Lines stories - collection of Stainless steel radiators by Zavar Design. It started when two people met: one graphic designer with jewelry collection and one mechanical engineer with design radiator collection.
Kaka =Drop
led by Jana Acevska is jewelry brand which transforms different materials into wearable art where all pieces combine materials and processes with traditional hand-craft technique.
We saw a challenge in transforming one of the collections of Kapka named Hubble-Bubble into a collection of designed radiators. Especially because that into this collection Jana combined contemporary materials – stainless steel, copper and brass laser cuted into few very original shapes with traditional filigree technique for silver jewelry with contemporary design.
Three drop forms were designed as a base for collection with three different dimensions which fit one into another. The two biggest dimensions of each form are radiators made as a stainless steel welded cover with a stainless steel heater inside. The smallest ones are used as a decoration and despite of stainless steel can be made from other materials such as wood, carbon steel, copper or brass. Also the original filigree design was kept and transformed into a pipe radiator made of rusted carbon steel pipe protected with a colorless coating.
Basic idea of this collection is to combine the 11 basic drop forms in uncountable combinations where everyone will be able to have customized and unique piece of heating art.