Companies, shops, retail units, factories, distributors, marketing agencies and designers. Exhibitors in this section are positioned on the ground floor in Kurshumli An.

Drop collection is the latest of the Life Lines stories - collection of Stainless steel radiators by Zavar Design. It started when two people met: one graphic designer with jewelry collection and one mechanical engineer with design radiator collection.

MONOZERO is an love affair between our appreciation for art and design and our love for wood. Behind monozero there is no corporation, but a small dedicated team of artisans that enjoy uniting the natural, sometimes wild character of wood with a modern yet timeless shape thus promoting natural lifestyle without being anachronous but respecting the advanced technological state of the society we live in.

NETOPIA is a professional printing house using the latest printing equipment with nanotechnology inks from the Russian science institutes, and currently the only one on the Balkans that use this technology with full color gamut colors, including WHITE and Clear VARNISH.

We are FEYDOM, design studio and manufacturer of upholstery furniture. Our premises and factory are located in Skopje, Macedonia. As artist, we are challenged to design smart and multifunctional furniture, soft on touch and easy to maintain, with an attractive look within simple and modern forms.

In the project ArtWear the artist reappropriates the production process by hand-making every piece of clothing and equipping it with unique handpainted drawing, transforming materials into unique fashion garments, wearable in daily life.

Uniga Engineering is a company specializing in engineering, manufacturing, services and trade of wrought iron and stainless steel designed product.

Vitrina has been created to be the hub of creativity, in the center of Skopje, a place of inspiration and realization of the creativity of architects and designers of unique top-class interior and projects of great scale.

Tvornica is collective made of designer artist and sculptor working together on developing product design.

Zlaten Dab is one of the most popular brands in the country, distinguished on the market by its’ exceptional visual expression.

Gorenje Group is a leading European manufacturer of home appliances. It has been supplying technologically perfected, superiorly designed, energy-efficient home appliances to users in seventy countries around the globe, improving the quality of their living for more than 60 years.


Both handmade and industrial - paravent, wall decorations, armchair, leather gloves, Bibis, T-Shirts, new line of ceramics - the collection is a product of numerous cooperations

Lotus Generation is a unique well-known brand by the Macedonian designer Anita Gaj that exists already 5 years on the Macedonian furniture market.

Mikser House is a hybrid concept space for cultural, educational and commercial activities, nested in an inspiring converted industrial facility of 1000 m2. Located in Savamala, one of the most promising Belgrade neighborhoods, Mikser House is contributing to its bottom-up transformation into a progressive design & culture district.

Uppa Druppa is, actually, the word apadrapa written in a way which would make an English speaking person pronounce it properly.

VITALIA is a health food production company with a general purpose to supply the domestic and foreign markets with natural, great tasting and nutritional products with excellent quality and taste that fits today’s healthy lifestyle.

Seavus education and development centre (SEDC) is a leading education and training center in Macedonia and the region, specialized for trainings in the field of business management and information technology.

Keeping up with global trends in furniture and interior design, Casa Italia has shaped its offer in its own showroom with different categories of brand-name furniture by famous and renowned producers.

BottegaEventi- Event design - is an innovative and ambitious design company that represents the passion for the unconventional but yet simple design form.

KARES is the place where the urban person, in pursuit of sophisticated aesthetics and functionality, will find everything about their home.

Konstrukta – Italian Ceramics and Sanitary were is part of the Konstrukta Group, recognizable brand on the Macedonian market for engineering and design of furniture and interior design.

Polyesterday is one of the leading printing centers in the region, with its own offices in Skopje, Shtip, and Belgrade.

Roca is the world leader in the definition of bathroom space and a benchmark reference in the world of design. Currently, they are active in more than 135 markets and have 72 plants spread across world.

We are SuperDot. We create things. From branding and design, to Web and Video production.

Some say, it is the Macedonian sun that makes the wine special. For over 125 years, in the heart of the Tikves vineyards, the “Tikves” winery, in the best possible way, has been blending all the southern light and warmth into a single glass of „Macedonia’s Finest“.