SDW concept is designed in that way that each year audience and regional participants make close connection with one particular country or region that has earned its respect on global level by permanently submitting high quality design. In order to get closer to that region or country SDW management gives special accent o the exhibition Country in Focus. In 2013 country in focus is Switzerland.

Among the brightest examples of the leading national design movements today are the ground-breaking accomplishments of contemporary Swiss design. By its historical roots of Swiss crafts education or the social ideals of modernism that became central to the nation’s cultural dialogue, exploring the rich design history of Switzerland has proven to be vital for understanding of the social role of the professional industrial designer. Especially, when it comes to public work initiatives and debates about design. Although driven by aims of functionality, simplicity, and affordability on one hand, Swiss design has also set the standards of high quality, luxury and exclusivity on the other, which answers the eternal designer’s question of how to make a perfect balance between the two.

In order to get closer encounter with the Swiss design SDW in cooperation with Culturescapes, Swiss Embassy in Skopje, Air Pristina, Roche and Netcetera has invited 8 product, graphic and fashion designers and studios from Switzerland to present their most recent achievement in Skopje.


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Sarah Kueng and Lovis Caputo have been working as creative partners since 2006. Shaping objects and spaces while boldly merging colours and materials and still bearing usability in mind - that's their main focus. Sarah and Lovis work on open source projects and allow others to recreate and improve what they have built. When realizing commissioned work they value the chance to use high quality materials and involve local manufacturers. Their pretense when approaching a new project is to question the norm, transcend the obvious, and demonstrate a distinct opinion. The importance of the latter is what they try most to pass on when teaching art students. Kueng Caputo is based in Zurich and represented by Salon 94 in New York.

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Where does a product designer get his ideas from? From new materials that encourage challenging new applications. From new production techniques that make the previously unthinkable possible. And by observing everyday life manifesting unsatisfied needs. Beat Karrers designs are unusual in their approach yet very functional and practical in their daily application. He also works as a visiting teacher, lectures all over Europe, participates in juries and leads workshops. www.beatkarrer.com


Margarita Salmerón Espinosa and Christoph Schindler are furniture-making architects based in Zurich. Passion for research and technical innovation leads them to convincing clear design. schindlersalmerón understand their furniture as a small architectural projects. Besides functionality they are especially interested in the joining of parts and their fabrication. They describe their work as «Furnitecture», a combination of the words "Furniture" and "Architecture". On furniture scale they like to experiment with prototypes that can be developed further into series. Schindlersalmerón’s expertise lies in the areas of product development, furniture distribution and contract market. To be able to plan flexibly, manufacturing is outsourced to qualified partner companies.


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The graphic design studio Claudiabasel has been founded by Roland John, Thomas Bircher and Jiri Oplatek in 2003 in Basel, Switzerland. The studio works for different clients in the cultural field like for museums, architects or theatres. The designers are also teaching at different design universities in Switzerland.

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Accent Graphe, Graphic and Editorial Design – founded in 2003 by Andreas Hidber, born 1973. Andreas Hidber is specialised in editorial graphic design, including branding, corporate identity and publishing to interactive web design.
His interests range from cultural and social issues to music and media.
He works for national and international clients in editorial as well as in the corporate sector. He speaks from german, english to spanish and unfortunately lost his french in spain, when he lived and worked in Barcelona for two years.

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ENZED is a design consultancy based in Lausanne, Switzerland and founded in 2001 by Nicolas Zentner. They specialize in print work, corporate identity, cultural and editorial design. ENZED is driven by passion a for typography, and clean & minimal swiss design with a little twist, that brings together smart visual solutions for clear and beautiful communication pieces. ENZED is operated by Mélanie and Nicolas Zentner.


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Claudia Zuber founded her own label in 2009 after graduating with a BA Fashiondesign at HGK Basel and internships with Doo.ri and Kai Kühne in New York. The bi-annual collections have been nominated for Swiss Federal Design Award and Lily Award and shown at events like Fashion Days Zürich and Mode Suisse amongst others. Claudia Zuber lives and works in Zurich.

Her style is defined by uncomplicated and puristic gracefulness fused with a chaste sportiness inspired by urban streetwear. The result of these contrasting themes is a comfortable and slightly androgynous sobriety with a hint of subtle playfulness. A mix of natural and technical materials, classic silhouettes complemented by assymetric details as well as a restrained colour palette bestow an effortless liveliness to her pieces.