The story called In a Nutshell is a sketch for a portrait of contemporary Croatian design through a specific part of domestic design practice. As the name says, In a Nutshell is a short and concise tale: with the depiction of a small number of consummate designer works, we have tried, pars pro toto, to indicate the currently most interesting phenomena on the designer scene in the country.

The works chosen share no formal similarity; indeed, works have been chosen that illustrate the contemporarily pluralism of the approach to design. There are works with a marked expressive and/or aesthetic component (the Cuculić poster Kvetch, the Hoffbauer’s Mogwai poster) and brilliant single-stroke sketches (Kauboji poster of Bruketa and Žinić, the Klupko light of Erika Šimić) but also highly conceptual works (such as the magazine Frakcija directed by Cavarpayer and then the Laboratorium studios) and complex projects that take issue with design and/or productive process (the Symbioisis/Mitosis project of Ljiljana Tutnjević, the poster (No)Work by Silvio Vujičić and Ruta).
What do the works on show then have in common? They share key contemporary design preoccupations such as local determination, the research angle, social commitment. Although the themes that occupy contemporary Croatian designers – globalisation, modern colonialism, consumerism, human rights, production ethics – are internationally relevant, in the works on show they are often seasoned with home-grown flavourings.


Nikola Djurek
Igor Hofbauer
Josipa Stefanec
fashion design
Tomislav Torjanac
Kako zivi Antuntun
Bruketa & Zinic
Neven Kovacic
Mauro Massarotto