The ISPC, Skopje exists more then 5 years. In December 2012 we have celebrated the 5 anniversary of the international poster competition stage.

Having this on mind, as a great challenge towards creating better socio-cultural needs for the global problems and pointing the issues with a possible visual solution, we have decided to make selection of 50 poster which include the 10 finalist of each year.


The topics that in the past 5 years we have organized are the following:


Power vs Poverty



Money for free


Each poster competition had 3 winning posters and 7 honorable mentions, which creates the number of 50 finalist, including students from USA, Poland, France, Belarus, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Iran, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, China, Ecuador, Turkey, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Finland.

The main idea is to promote the achievements and the motivation of Skopje Poster Competition as well creating a caravan of poster thinking, and visual reflection of the image and the role it makes as the main social responsibility of the designer and is obligation in creating higher values of perception and better tomorrow.