From graphic design to kitchen accessories

Recent economic crises have created new trends on the global market. The big companies are rarely willing to launch very original products since they are always afraid that walking on the edge does not guarantee a profit. Being constantly afraid of financial fiasco and mainly profit-oriented, companies often fail to produce and launch brave and innovative designs that take our breath away. This “safe play” and hermetic barrier produced by the companies versus designers, has created a new trend of formation of individual brands. Every day we are witnessing promotion on design portals of fresh and inventive products made and distributed by either one designer or design collectives. These new brands have more potential and sales perspectives since they are flexible, innovative and daring.

The situation in design sector is the same. In a situation of insufficient cooperation between the big production companies and relatively passive design sector the design managers play crucial role in transformation and adaptation of new working methods.  The design managers’ “duty” is to unveil the trends and stimulate the design sector to synchronize its production according to the current market opportunities.

A Taste of Skopje as an experimental workshop produced 10 series of kitchen accessories and at the same time revealed new perspective of graphic designers in terms of starting own brand, investing in it and distributing the products on the market.  The products are thematically connected to the strong gastronomic culture and the last decade mushrooming HORECA premises in Skopje. As inspiration the designers had the eating habits of Macedonian people and the increasing number of the foreign visitors who often complain that only traditional keepsakes instead of original products are offered on the market. This exhibition is considered a trigger for creation on more independent local brands that will successfully position themselves on the market.

Designers: Irma Velkovska and Aleksandar Petanoski, Gorano Kostovski, Nikola Vojnov, Nerses Malakjan, Angela Stojkovska, Ivana Pendovska, Irina Jankovska, Inci Selim, Bojana Shurbanovska

Mentors: Sacha Lannoye and Christel Hofmans

Organizer: Public Room, Skopje

Investors:  Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Ministry of Culture of Macedonia

Partners: Barbakan  & Zavar Design