Design, like no other art form, gives us the opportunity to perceive and understand the world in a new way, to better grasp the importance of other things around us and life in general. That perspective can only be personally articulated, when it is provided through an insider’s view into this “different perspective”. That’s why Ministry of Pleasure has the mission to present the most recent and high quality, exciting and challenging designs from an upcoming design destination, Macedonia.

We sincerely believe that designs made by local designers are very strong, original and honest. The designs are treating mainly local or regional subjects even though they use the global language, approach and techniques. The designers in this second touring exhibition produced by the platform Ministry of Pleasure tell us stories about themselves and people that surround them. This exhibition is very specific because it gives full inside of the current design scene in the country, ranging from faculty potential till the internationally prominent professionals.


Life Lines is Zavar Design’s collection of stainless steel radiators, fully heating objects which bring not only warmth but art to every contemporary space.These radiators are unforgettable pieces of art which warm the spaces they occupy. Last edition of Life Lines has one new collection - Drop, which is collaboration with a jewelry brand Kapka from Macedonia. Life Lines is a story of a personal journey of the designer told with a metaphor of lines. Each design was inspired by some moment, feeling, attitude, situation and people who shaped designers personality and her Life Line.


Model: BonBon2
Multifunction sofa BonBon2 is the latest creation from FEYDOM design studio. It consist 4 elements: A. two-seater / single bed / lounge chair, B. cushion, C. ottoman / back support, D. hand support / storage.
By adding and arranging the elements, hundreds of combination can be made. Two seater, three seater, four seater…as many as you wish seater, corner sofa, single bed, double bed, lounge chairs etc… are possible combinations which will suit either smallest living rooms or big and spacious lounges .
All the transformations can be done in just a few seconds, without a real effort, and a lack of complicated mechanisms ensure great comfort in ether sitting or sleeping position.
Simple design solutions, strait line and soft forms, constructed with a solid wood frame, HD polyurethane and durable cover, make this model also very easy to maintain in a many years of use. Awards: A’ Design Award 2013 – Winner.
The design of BonBon2 model is protected by FEYDOM in WIPO Industrial Design No. DM/079 356


Since 2007 Plakart organizer of International Student Poster Competition (ISPC) advances the highest standards of visual art communication, knowledge and practice to stimulate intellectual curiosity and promote skills that enrich the individual and society. Plakart has created new opportunities for students, designers, visual artists in Macedonia, Balkan, Europe and worldwide.
The 10 posters present the progress and the idea of the Macedonian students creating perception for solving the social problems and the responsibility of these young designers for better future, on topics like Tolerance, Power vs Poverty, Ecologic, HIV/AIDS, Money for free.


Tvornica is new local brand - design store that produces hand-made design goods. Hanging lamp is handmade interior lamp made of easy to find local materials: wood and rope. The lamp is a part of a series that seek to implement concept design (not only aestetic design) into everyday objects.


Landscape No. 26
The collection is inspired by substitution of natural landscapes with virtual, instant variants selected by the viewer.Luxury combination of knitted and woven designs uses fragments borrowed from the organic world. The collection is made of sophisticated printed motifs, specially designed to follow the silhouette, or the shape of the garment. In the color palette, natural skin colors are mixed with the synthetic hypnotic blue, and the contrast between black and white.


Wax Lamp : super stylish , hip, clever, trendy, millions of possibilities according to design, easy to assemble, to transport, this lamp will produce an excellent lightning ambiance in your room, working space or else.Unusual packaging, fancy advertising campaign, and so on, makes this product very attractive and useful at the same time.


Established in 1993, Koma designed and published more than half a million pages, covers for more than 2000 books, created brand identity for various companies, posters, CD booklets, websites and mobile applications. The organization relies on highly experienced team of passionate designers that delivered high-quality design solution to more than 500 companies of all sizes. Koma presents a selection from book design portfolio.


Faculty of Mechanical Engeneering

St. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje

Studies in Industrial design at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering have been going on for 8 years and in that time made significant impact in the quality and in the general awareness for design in Macedonia. The need for this study and utilization of the most contemporary equipment came as a direct response of the development of the local and regional business sector.
Individuality of the authors makes the collection of decorative bowls contrast in style, as it is inspired by nature, music, geometry, thus turning these pieces of steel into pieces of art, full of life and freedom. Bowl collection and carved motives collection are created by the industrial design students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje, Macedonia.

28 MAY - 2 JUNE 2013

10 - 16 JUNE 2013

21 - 30 JUNE 2013