Young Balkan Designers is a regional gathering of talents in the sphere of industrial design which the Mikser Organization has launched with the aim of identifying, developing and promoting, on the international plane, the creative potential of the Balkans, with a special emphasis on the restoration of multi-cultural cooperation in the region.

The story called In a Nutshell is a sketch for a portrait of contemporary Croatian design through a specific part of domestic design practice. As the name says, In a Nutshell is a short and concise tale: with the depiction of a small number of consummate designer works, we have tried, pars pro toto, to indicate the currently most interesting phenomena on the designer scene in the country.


In its third year, Skopje Design Week has some great news – a collection of fresh works by Macedonian product designers, developed during a workshop. Although the designers are of different ages, backgrounds and experiences, these designers will be noted as a kind of a generation that made the long awaited breakthrough towards the desired situation – designers and designer collectives that cooperate with production companies and create products intended for markets, not exhibitions.

A TASTE OF SKOPJE - From graphic design to kitchen accessories

Recent economic crises have created new trends on the global market. The big companies are rarely willing to launch very original products since they are always afraid that walking on the edge does not guarantee a profit. Being constantly afraid of financial fiasco and mainly profit-oriented, companies often fail to produce and launch brave and innovative designs that take our breath away. This “safe play” and hermetic barrier produced by the companies versus designers, has created a new trend of formation of individual brands.


The ISPC, Skopje exists more then 5 years. In December 2012 we have celebrated the 5 anniversary of the international poster competition stage. Having this on mind, as a great challenge towards creating better socio-cultural needs for the global problems and pointing the issues with a possible visual solution, we have decided to make selection of 50 poster which include the 10 finalist of each year.